What is therapy like?

Because each person has different issues and goals for therapy, therapy will be different depending on the individual.  In general, you can expect to discuss what is currently happening in your life and your personal history as it relates to the particular problem you are presently experiencing, and to report progress (or any new insights gained) from the previous therapy session.

Depending on your specific needs, therapy can be short-term when tackling a specific issue, or longer-term when you wish to deal with more difficult and long-lasting problems, or you desire guidance in increasing personal development. Either way, it is most common to schedule regular sessions with your therapist, either weekly or bi-weekly. A therapy session usually lasts 45-50 minutes.

It is important to understand that you will get more results from therapy if you actively participate in the process.  The ultimate purpose of therapy is to help you bring what you learn in session back into your life.  Therefore, beyond the work you do in therapy sessions, your therapist may suggest some things you can do outside of therapy to support your process – such as reading a pertinent book, keeping a diary on specific topics, keeping track of your dreams, noting particular behaviors or taking action on your goals.


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