Santa Barbara, California

Pain is Inevitable – Suffering is Optional (Buddhist Proverb)



Are you suffering?

Have you tried to ease your anguish
using different methods,
but they didn’t work?  

I can help you!


If you are tired of suffering and want to free yourself from the prison of an unquestioned mind, do not hesitate to call me and make an appointment. I know how to help you, not only because I have studied and trained in many forms of psychotherapy, but because, at various periods of my life, I have experienced many of the painful challenges that life can bring.

Exhausted from the constant inner war with myself, I sought therapeutic help and was led to discover a vibrant, alive, healing inner presence that has accompanied me ever since. Such an inner presence is within reach of each of us. It is pure wisdom, unconditional love and acceptance; it is your inner guide; it is your true Self.

I am looking forward to accompanying you on your journey to freedom, joy and peace.

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“The first step towards change is awareness.                           The second step is acceptance.”

           (Nathaniel Branden)


 Suzanne Veilleux, Ph.D., J.D.
Clinical Psychologist
(843) 368-6937

Call Dr. Suzanne Veilleux now
so that she can help you
unlock the door of your heart
in front of which your real Self
has been patiently waiting
for your permission to enter
and bestow upon you
all its multiple gifts
and all its love.

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Photographs: Dr. Suzanne Veilleux         

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